Weekly Recap

Hey guys!

I’m starting this weekly recap on Sunday because I’m pretty sure I did nothing on Monday. So Sunday we celebrated Christmas with my dad and brother. They always go way overboard on gifts for the girls but it’s usually like 90% clothes so I don’t mind a bit!

One of their last minute gifts to the girls was taking them to an Indiana Pacer game that night. When my brother and I were kids we LOVED going to NBA games so it was so cool to see that tradition passed down to my kids. Plus I got like 4 kid free hours so I drank a couple margaritas and went to the mall with my husband and friends. I had been dying this jacket for a couple weeks and when I went there they were ALL gone! I asked the lady about it and she said they were all sold out in store and online and they would not be restocking it. I was so sad until I found one on a maniquin that happened to be an XS so I was like “can I buy this one?” and they said yes!

This is the best picture they got from the game…

Monday was all about my husband. First off, let me say, he is not a gamer. The last gaming system he had was like a PS2. But last week he went to his friends house and played his new Play Station VR and came home and was like “I NEED ONE!’ so we shopped around all week and ended up going to Game Stop and buying a PS4 pro bundle and a VR bundle. I almost died when they rang it up. He tried to justify it by saying “it’s an early Christmas gift for the kids…” Ha. Okay.. They did enjoy it though.

(Disclaimer- We know the age limit is 12 on this so we only let them play for 5 minutes at a time)

Tuesday was a lovely day. My oldest daughter was home from school sick and my dog started her first heat cycle. I called my vet freaking out because shes only 8 months and I thought that happened around a year but she assured me it was normal. The poor thing is miserable though.

Wednesday I won an award! It was for being the worst mom on the planet… So all week I thought my daughter’s school Christmas program was at 1:40. I even looked at the paper a few times and i could have sworn it was at 1:40. So we get there at 1:35 and they’re like “and last but not least our fifth graders will be singing jingle bells!” (Our daughter is in third grade.) I leaned over to my friend and said “What time did this thing start??” and she was like “1:15” -_- Let the mom shaming begin…

Thursday was my youngest daughter’s Christmas program and we actually made it on time. The poor little thing is so shy she looked like she was miserable and about to cry the whole time she was on stage. It broke my heart! My oldest daughter had dance practice, as usual, and I was so bummed because they always let the parents watch the last 10 minutes of the class and they usually run through the dance with the music and this time they didn’t. I’ll love seeing how it’s all coming together each week so I can’t wait until next time!

Friday I went to the gym for the first time in forever. I lift with my husband, who is a bodybuilder, and his friend, Josh, a personal trainer at our gym. The rest of the day was spent last minute Christmas shopping then in the evening we delivered friends gifts door to door. We got some lovely gifts that we weren’t expecting but I’ll post photos in my upcoming What I Got For Christmas post. After I got home (and had already had a 23 oz mango-rita and was about to go to bed) my friend, Halea, stopped by to drop off a Christmas gift and we ended up having shots of fireball and fruit loop vodka and had a blast giggling in the living room! My husband and I typically only go out in groups (usually couples) so it was nice to have some actual girl time!

Saturday I went to the gym bright and early with my husband but this time Josh’s wife, Hannah, went as well so we did a group full body workout but sectioned off into girls and boys for some of the workouts. It was awesome. I’ve been working out with my husband and all guys for years and I’ve literally never lifted with another girl. So fun!

Saturday night was our annual Friendsmas! It was a total blast. Unlike most years where we all just kind of hang out this one was centered around adult games. I don’t normally enjoy games at all but I just sipped my captain and coke and rolled with it and my husband and I ended up winning or coming in 2nd place on all of them! The first game was Pinko and everyone won a gift. My husband ended up with a bluetooth speaker and I got bath soap. Next we had one minute to unwrap a gift with mittens on and I won! I got a $25 gift card. Then the best game was a couples game called Taboo and my husband and I rocked it! We came in 2nd place against the hosts so they gave us the prizes. The last game was What the Meme? and we actually didn’t win that one. The two hosts came in a tie.

Finally Sunday we celebrated Christmas with some friends and my husband’s daughter and her husband. It was a lot of fun but I am absolutely exhausted.

Oh! Before I forget, I also got the sweetest card this week from my sweet friend, Hunida! So thoughtful! 💗

2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Hunida says:

    Aww I love that the girls went to the game like you used to! The sweater is soo adorable. It was so made for you!! I’m glad you found it. 😄

    That’s so fun that you had a group workout! & that you do Friendsmas!! ♡

    I’m so happy my card reached you safely!!! Happy New Year, Emma!


  2. Mackenzie says:

    I so love reading your updates! The Pink sweatshirt you got is too cute! And don’t worry about mixing up the time- it happens to me all the time and I don’t even have kids. You’re doing a great job!

    What fun family memories you created for all of you ❤ Thanks for sharing, girl!


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