A Week Of Matching With My Husband

This is going to be the most random blog post ever, maybe even the most random thing ever, but I’ve decided that for one week my husband and I are going to wear matching shirts every day. He’s totally down for it too! He actually likes when we match.

This whole idea started because we have a lot of matching shirts whether it’s from concerts or fitness expos or just simply buying the same shirt because we have similar taste. (Its usually gym shirts.) One morning last week he had just gotten dressed and I was like “Hey, I wore that shirt yesterday!” Then the next day I was wearing the shirt that he had worn the day before and he made the comment that we should plan this better and start wearing them on the same day.

So I started thinking “I bet we have enough matching shirts that we could match for at least a week…” and that brings me to this blog post! So here we go!

Day 1-

Day 2-

Day 3-

Day 4- (literally over it)

Day 5-

We only did a 5 day week because, honestly, this was a weird thing to do in the first place! We got made fun of pretty hard for doing this but we had fun!

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