Double Weekend Recap

Last week I had a weekend recap all written up then I trashed it because I felt like it was too boring.

Friday I went to work then the kids had a hotel birthday sleepover.

Saturday the kids had a sleepover at our house.

Sunday I think I just slept.

Pretty boring, right?

This week…

Friday after I took the kids to school I went Valentine’s day shopping. I’m getting everyone’s actual gifts online but I needed gift bags and wrapping paper and stuff. I had some vodka cranberries in the evening but I don’t think I really did anything after that.

Saturday the girls went to a bowling birthday party and while they were gone my husband and I did some more Valentine’s day shopping. Ya see, Averie had the idea of drawing names. Whoever’s name you got that’s who you buy or make a gift for. You arent suppose to know who got who but my husband and I both determined that I got Ella, he got Averie and they got us. After our shopping he took me through the chick fil a drive thru (I hate eating inside fast food restaurants and actually CFA is the only fast food I will eat.) I was in chicken nugget heaven. Yum! After the bowling party all the kids came back to our house for a sleepover. I love being the sleepover house. I only trust a select few people to have my kids sleep over at their house so I’m just more comfortable when the sleepovers are at my house.

Sunday morning before the kids woke up I went to the store and got donuts for breakfast. I also got a cookie decorating kit and we had a lot of fun with it.

When the little girl left I took a nice long nap. For some reason I have been chronically fatigued and I need to talk to my doctor about it. I woke up a little before 5 and decided to go get a margarita. My husband got home from work later than usual so I went to bed pretty soon after.

Next we are kid free so maybe we will do something fun! We’ll see!