Arnold Prep- Day 1

Every year my husband and I go to a bodybuilding/fitness convention called the Arnold Classic, excuse me, Arnold Sports Festival. The first couple of years were easy. I just packed a bag, hopped in the car and went! There was no preparation needed. I was already in shape. I was already tan. I was good … Continue reading Arnold Prep- Day 1

Mask Monday

I've been on a huge mask kick lately so today I'm going to share some masks I've tried recently. For the last year or so I've just been using the same mask over and over (We'll review it here in a sec..) but lately I've been into experimenting with different beauty products so I just … Continue reading Mask Monday

Simplicity Challenge

Okay, so I'm a little late to the game here but I just started following along with Emily Ley's Simplicity Challenge. I jumped in on day 16 so we're about half way through. So today's challenge was... I. So. Needed. This. My purse was just a catchall for receipts and hair ties and change. So … Continue reading Simplicity Challenge