Weekly Recap

Yello!I’m going to start this week on Wednesday because the first half of the week was extremely uneventful. I was so sick all day. I went to the doctor in the AM for two things- I stepped on a nail and my throat was killing me. They did nothing about my throat but gave me a tetanus shot, antibiotics and pain meds for the nail. My mom brought me a medicine ball from Starbucks and some OTC meds on her lunch break. Shes an angel.It got worse in the even though and when I got to the point where I was literally taking medicine and throwing it right back up I figured it was time to make a trip to the ER. Long story short I tested positive for strep and got theee most painful shot I have ever had. 10x worse than the tetanus shot I had earlier in the day.Thursday Averie had her first basketball practice. When she got home I made sure she liked it and wanted to continue it then ordered a basketball mom shirt. Yeah, I’m that mom…I also got a new phone! I have gone a year without one so I didn’t feel the slightest amount of guilt dropping the price of a used car on the iPhone 11 max pro (I think that’s what it’s called? I’m not a phone person..)That evening we had a family outing. I think I discussed in a valentines post that my oldest daughter wanted us to draw names to see who would be our valentine. John and I already got eachother and the kids gifts but we figured Averie’s idea sounded fun so we went for it. It worked out to where ella and I got eachother and john and averiegot eachother. So when we went shopping Averie and I went off together and John and Ella went off together. It was really fun. We kept running into eachother and having to hide the bags we had and stuff. Averie and I didn’t have much luck at the mall so while we waited for the other two to get done we did the massage chairs. Averie loved it so much we had to do it twice.Friday started our kid free weekend. I tried to rest as much as possible during the day. I felt terrible. Once my husband got home with my Zofran prescription and it kicked in I felt totally fine so we decided to go shopping. We pre gamed at home first. I had a bottle of wine and he had Malibu and pineapple. We went to lowes so he could show me the toolbox he wants for Valentine’s day then we went to the Buckle for him to show me some pants he wants for Valentine’s day. I get to choose which one and it will be a surprise. We each have a $100 limit. I’m getting the toolbox even though its $129.After our shopping adventure we went to a couple dive bars with friends. We don’t really go out that often anymore and when we do we don’t stay out late but we stayed until last call and ubered home.Saturday I just chilled with Mocha all day.I had absolutely no intentions of leaving my house. I had mom mom pick me up some CBD on her lunch break to try to assist my hangover.My brother’s girlfriend had a popcorn maker and a bunch of cute movie night stuff mailed to my house for the girls for Valentine’s day. It was soooo sweet!Sunday was my day to make the hour drive to pick up the girls from their dad’s house. My mom usually goes with to keep me company. When we got home and the girls saw their popcorn gifts from Colby we immediately had to break everything out and have a popcorn party.My strep is still hanging around and it’s getting to the point that I’m just annoyed at being sick. Like how long is this suppose to last?Hope you all had a lovely weekend!