Will You Be My Valentine?

One of the things I dislike about today’s culture is that everything is just implied. We went to the movies together and we’ve been texting? We’re dating now.. We are married so we are OBVIOUSLY spending Valentine’s day together… You get the point.I don’t want my kids to grow up and think that’s how things work so I decided to formally ask them to be my valentines!But first!
I had to ask my husband ♡ He said yes!back to the girls… I already had these little mailboxes that I got last year so i decided to fill them up with a few goodies.I ordered these to pop the question (etsy)then I ordered a couple other small things.I got them each one of theseThen I ordered this sticker for Hazel’s hydroflask (her fav Starbucks drink is the pink drink with light ice and no strawberries.And this one for Grace’s hydroflask.This is how the final product turned out…How did you ask your loved one to be your valentine?