Why I Won’t Be Going To A Restaurant On Valentine’s Day and What We’re Doing Instead

There are two times I will not go to a restaurant- Friday nights and holidays. The lines are long. The food is usually bad because the kitchen staff is so rushed. And the service is slow. I just won’t do it.

Instead we are going to have a nice home cooked meal at home with… wait for it…. the kids.

This is totally by choice. We could easily get a babysitter. But Valentine’s day is the holiday of love and I love them so why not include them? My husband and I go on date nights pretty regularly so it’s not like it’s going to be some tragedy that we don’t go out on Valentine’s day.

Plus my husband works til 6 on v-day so I get to pre-game with the girls. And by pre-game I mean I drink wine and we share a Valentine’s day inspired charcuterie board.


We can play Valentine’s day MASH (they love MASH)

Then when my husband comes home we will have dinner and exchange gifts.

I feel like it’ll be a pretty good time…

What are your Valentine’s day plans?