February 1st

Hello and happy February 1st!

Today kicks off one of my absolute favorite months! February is the month of my very favorite holiday, Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. Whether I’m single or taken I just love it! I don’t just think of v-day as a relationship holiday, I think of it as a holiday to celebrate everyone you love whether its your significant other, your kids, your best friend, your dog, etc that way, no matter what my relationship status is, I always have a reason to celebrate the holiday!

One of my favorite Valentine’s day memories is the first one I spent with my now husband. We had only been dating for 3 months at the time so he stalked my PINTEREST and ordered me these beautiful Swarovski earrings I had been dying to have. I’m not an easy person to surprise but I was shocked!

He also got me my favorite white roses.

His best friend’s wedding was also that day and not only did they let me come to the wedding on such short notice, they let me be a bridesmaid so we wouldn’t have to be separated. Again, we had only been dating for 3 months!

It was such a fun night!

This year will be our seventh v-day together and I’m genuinely so excited!

I went through my Instagram and found some of our photos from previous Valentine’s days together. They aren’t in order but here they are..

And my favorite from one of our first couple years together…

Ugh I just love this holiday!

One thought on “February 1st

  1. xoxosav says:

    I wanted to comment on your last two
    posts but it wouldn’t let me for some reason! I love how inclusive you make Valentine’s Day! Whenever we were younger, my parents always made sure to get us something for V-Day, even if it was just a small bag of candy. It always meant the world and is something that I will remember forever! Your girls will too!

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