Christmas Haul- What I Got For Christmas

Hey there! I hope you all had a very merry Christmas! Today I’m hopping on to share what I received for Christmas this year. I was definitely very blessed!

To start off the holidays I got these adorable cards and ornaments from my kids. Definitely my favorite gifts of all!

On the 16th we celebrated with my dad and brother. My dad got both of my daughters and I all matching Sperry duck boots and socks!

My brother got me my new favorite scent from Yankee Candle- Velvet Woods. I was going to try to wait and burn it in the new house but I gave in and lit it the next day!

He also gave me a $50 Visa gift card that I used towards this VS jacket.

My sweet friend, Hannah, knows just how obsessed I am with my dog and got me this sweet bracelet. I just loved the packaging too!

My other friend, Halea, stopped by one night to give me this lovely gift and we had a few drinks, hence the horrible photo! The shirt is really adorable in person!

My friend Angie got me the softest blanket ever and a Rum Chata gift set. YUM!

My friends, Bill and Amber, got me some wine accessories and a cozy scarf and the best earmuffs I’ve ever had.

My step daughter got my husband and I a Xperience Days gift certificate (I hadn’t heard of this, its super cool!) and a month of a subscription box each. I got the Adore Box which I’m super excited about!

Our close friend, Toni, came over on Christmas Eve and brought us some adorable ornaments for our tree! I just love getting ornaments as gifts. Itd something to look back on and remember every year.

My husband’s mom and stepdad got us some Walking Dead interactive wine bottles. There’s an app you can download on your phone to make the bottles come to life.

My SIL was also over that night and got me the most plush and wonderful blanket. I know I keep saying this but I am definitely saving this blanket for the new house!

She also got me some soft pajama pants.

Now onto what my husband got me! He got me some really nice things and I’m so happy! He got me Sephora favorites set…

a Sephora smarts set that I really wanted…

Versache prescription sunglasses…

A sweet Juicy Couture flask (if you knew where I lived you’d understand why this is funny)

Mocha the puppy and I also got a joint gift. You’re not drinking alone if the dogs home!

He also got me a small ring light, a VS jacket and a bracelet holder.

I’d say I made out pretty well this year! I’m very blessed to have received such wonderful gifts and I hope the people we exchanged gifts with liked theirs just a much!

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