Our Lowkey Valentine’s Day 2019

Class parties at school are something I totally looked forward to when I was pregnant with my kids. I couldn’t wait to make little treat bags and send them off to school with them and attend their class parties. (Sadly they don’t let parents attend the parties anymore.)

For Ella’s class we got these cute little tic tac toe boards. I can’t link the exact listing because it’s no longer up but I can link her etsy page.

For Averie’s class I had personalized rulers made from Cindy on etsy. I love working with her and have ordered many things from her!

Because we are BUYING A HOUSE (!!!) we went real simple on the kids’ gifts.



I tried my best to send them to school in cute outfits but, as you can see, none of the pictures in this post really turned out well.

My husband got me a couple of tattoos that I’ve wanted for-ev-er as my gift!

I ordered him some motorcycle parts that haven’t arrived yet and I’m taking him jeans shopping tomorrow.

We had lunch/dinner (?) at a steakhouse at 3 PM because we had to get the kids from school afterwards. I had two cocktails and would have had more if we didn’t have to get the kids afterwards. They were soooo yummy!

In the evening a group of like 10 of us and all of our kids went bowling. I’m not a bowler. I hate it. the shoes gross me out. So I just socialized with everyone when it wasn’t their turn.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention it was Mocha’s first Valentine’s day! I had her dressed up in a super cute bandana and bow but she somehow removed the bow and you can’t see the bandana in the picture. I tried…

How was your Valentine’s day?! How did you celebrate?

2 thoughts on “Our Lowkey Valentine’s Day 2019

  1. Hunida says:

    Oh my gosh, Emma!! The Valentine’s stuff you bought off Etsy was so unique & cute. I love both of their outfits, I think the photos turned out great!!

    & your new tattoos!! They look so perfectly written & clean. ♡ So happy to hear you had a lovely holiday, babe!!


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