Small Clothing Haul

Usually when I see a cute shirt pop up on my timeline I order it. This week like 5 cute things popped up on my timeline so I had to order them!

Monograms. Champagne. Could it get much better? I just had to snag this cute Sweatshirt!

This leopard print shirt was way too cute to pass up!

I treat my mini schnauzer like she’s my baby so of course I had to get this!

It’s almost bike season so I kinda felt like this was necessary (I search and search and could not find the link for you guy. Sorry!)

I needed new gym shorts so I opted for these cute ones! If you haven’t noticed already I’m obsessed with monograms.

I ordered this gym shirt. Don’t let the image fool you, it looks great on women’s body type as well! I have another one in black and it’s my absolute favorite t-shirt!

Last but not least I got this cute shirt for st. Patrick’s day! Can’t wait to wear it!

That’s all for now! Thanks for stopping by!

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