Valentine’s Day Haul

Valentine’s Day has always been my absolute favorite holiday! Even when I was single. I just love the colors and the hearts and seeing people post on Facebook what they got from their S/O. …I know, I’m weird!

As soon as my Christmas tree comes down my Valentine’s decor goes up. I have been using the same decorations for the past couple of years now so I decided to buy some things to add to the holiday spirit!

The first things I bought were these cute little tin buckets on Etsy for my pets and stepdaughter. I plan on mailing my stepdaughter a v-day care package and putting treats and toys in the ones for the animals.

The second thing I bought were these adorable mailboxes for my daughters. A friend from high school was actually making them. You can find her shop on Facebook here!

I got this shirt and leggings for my youngest daughter from Fabkids along with the same pair of leggings for my older daughter.

A friend of mine has an Etsy Shop and I had her custom make this shirt for my older daughter. It says “fries before guys!” It turned out so cute!

For the puppy, I ordered this cute little bandana!

For myself I ordered the top left shirt from Jane. I’m hoping to get some cute pictures of the girls, puppy and I in our outfits!

Last, but not least, I ordered this adorable bow for the piggy to wear. Hopefully she keeps it on. I’ve only ever put one other bow on her!

Over the next couple weeks I’m going to be sharing all things Valentine’s Day with you! How I fill the mailboxes and buckets for the kids and animals, my stepdaughter’s care package, what I end up getting my husband and more than likely another little haul. So if you’re V-day obsessed like me stick around! And if not, I promise I’ll have some of my regular content as well.

Have a fabulous rest of your weekend!

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Haul

  1. Hunida says:

    Oh my gosh, Valentine’s Day has always been my fave holiday, too, for mostly all the same reasos! & even when I was single. 😂 I guess we are both weird!

    Everything you got is sooo adorable! I cannot wait to see all your upcoming posts!


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