8 Week Weight Loss Challenge- Week 1- Detox

So I joined a weightloss challenge on Facebook with some friends. You can read about that here!

For week 1 I’ve decided to detox. You can read about that here! So this week’s post(s) will be a mix of the two.

So I’m currently on day 2 of the challenge and the detox. I downloaded the Lifesum app and put it on the front screen of my phone so I would constantly be aware of it.

I took the morning pills when I woke up with a big glass of water and a small meal.

After I took the pills I did a 7 minute workout


I wasn’t hungry at lunchtime. I know its important to eat after a workout, especially during a detox but I just wasn’t feeling it.

For dinner we went to the Mexican restaurant and I had to forgo my usual chips and queso but I got some yummy plain grilled chicken.

Before bed I did one more 7 minute workout and drank a bottle of water. I’d say day 2 went pretty well!

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