Simply Reclaim Whole Body Cleanse

After I completed my [3 day cleanse] I just felt like it wasn’t enough. 3 days isn’t enough time to detox your body or form any kind of good habits. So I was on the hunt for something new.

I remembered doing a pretty good cleanse a few years ago…

It came from Complete Nutrition so I headed there to search for it and found the cleanse but they had changed the packaging and possibly the formula.

The cleans has great reviews and was actually suggested to me by my personal trainer. It’s very rare that a personal trainer, or anyone in the fitness world, for that matter, would suggest a detox so it must be good!

Cleanses can be very dangerous so before you start one always read the fine print.

I chose to start my cleanse the day after NYE for a fresh start.

You’re suppose to take the pills on an empty stomach so I ate a mini bag of salt-less, butter-less popcorn, then took the pills and chugged a bottle of water.

There are absolutely no directions with this detox so luckily I’ve done enough of them I pretty much know what you can and can’t do on them.

No coffee

No alcohol

No red meat

No heavy exercise (you could pass out)

Drink tons of water!!

Yada yada. Just eat a bunch of simple whole foods. I need to make a trip to the grocery store, hence, the bland popcorn.

I forgot to take the night pills. Oops. Better luck tomorrow.

Let’s just say today was a trial day!

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