Weekly Recap

Hey hey!

This week’s recap starts on Monday aka Christmas Eve! I spent all day cleaning the house because every C.E. we have my husband’s sister, brother in law, mom, step dad and a couple friends over. I was ultra bored with the cleaning and the kids were as well so I made up a little game. After ever room we got finished they got to have a lindor truffle and I got to have a shot of rum chata. I had these little baby rum chatas that I got from a friend and it took me drinking six of them to realize it wasn’t straight rum chata, it was rum chata and creamer. My stomach wasn’t happy!

About an hour before the guests started to arrive I started freaking out because I was organizing all of the presents for my husband and kids that I had in a tote in the garage and other various places and thought I lost some! It took me an hour of straight freaking out to remember I had put some in our Santa sack for decoration! Whew! Crisis averted!

We had a really good time having everyone over this year! I think the girls were a little bored because it was the first year that they were the only kids and they were probably tired from cleaning all day. Bless their little hearts!

Tuesday was Christmas! My mom came over after the 4 of us opened our gifts and brought coffee! She helped get some of the kids’ presents out of their boxes and watched the girls play Just Dance on the ps4 while I assembled my caprese salad.

Once I was finished we headed to my husband’s family Christmas that we go to every year. (This is our 6th Christmas together!) The girls were tired and antisocial the whole time they were there. Lucky for them, my ex-husband picked them up and they had about an hour and a half car ride to catch up on sleep. Then my husband and I were kid free! I always hate being away from them on holidays but over the past 6 years I’ve learned to use our time apart as time to connect with my husband and focus on our marriage and focus on myself as an individual outside of being a mom.

We stopped in at my mom’s Christmas celebration for just a few minutes before heading over to our friends’ house for their Christmas dinner. We stayed after dinner and had some wine and shots and girl talk while the boys played video games.

Wednesday I slept most of the day because we had had such a busy few days AND my hemoglobin dropped so I was extra sleepy. In the evening in was so bored from being home all day that I went to the gym with my husband but didn’t lift because of the low hemoglobin. I didn’t want to make myself sick. I just catched up on YouTube videos and reading blogs.

Thursday was filled with just the most mundane tasks. I had to drive all the way over to my doctors office on one end of town to pick up a prescription they could have (and HAVE) easily called in. Then I had to go to the opposite end of town to get it filled. My husband chose to return the $60 new controller I got him for Christmas so he could use the $60 at Game Stop and buy 1 used controller and 2 games. Places like Game Stop completely bore me. Plus my hemoglobin is low so I was extra sleepy.

Friday was pretty uneventful. I slept on the couch most of the day then ran a few errands with my husband.

Saturday morning around 4 am I woke up with a cough and all kinds of head sickness. I made a bed on the couch and took some dayquil. I would have taken nyquil but I was out. I’ll have to get some.

One thing about having the low hemoglobin is that it lowers your immune system and you never know what you’re going to get. Am I going to be puking and unable to keep anything down for a week or am I going to get a head cold? Who knows!

My friend asked me to go shopping with her so I was like “what the heck, why not?!” So we went to the coach store and I got a purse, wallet and lanyard (I’ve been wanting a lanyard foreverrrr)

When I was just about home my husband informed me that he had acquired a pig somehow at work today. So we spent the evening trying to be pig parents. We gave her a bath and she chased the dog around the living room until we finally put her in a crate so we could go to bed.

I’m currently sleeping on the couch next to the crate listening to her try to escape. It should be an interesting night. If only the kids were here. They would love this!

I doubt anything exciting is going to happen tomorrow so I’m going to cut this post off here.

How was your week?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Mackenzie says:

    Always love reading your updates!! Sorry about the hemoglobin levels I hope you are feeling more energized now, I’m sure the doctor has you on supplements? That coach haul is TOO pretty. I loveee all you got!! And what a sweet little pig ❤ Happy New Year, love!


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