Gift Guide- For the Parents

Hey there!

I’m back with another gift guide. This time we’ll be talking about what I got my parents this year for Christmas.

Let’s start with my dad!

I got him this super cool charging station from Etsy and I’m not going to lie- I kind of want one for myself amd every member of my household now! It was only about 30 something bucks but after shipping it ended up being $60! It arrived super fast though so I was fine with it!

I also customized a can coozie on Shutterfly for only $5!

Now let’s move onto my mom!

I got her a coozie just like I got my dad.

Then I got her this body cream from Bath & Body Works. It’s her fav!

She also really wanted one of those beanies you can put a ponytail through so I ordered her on on amazon.

I wrapped the hat and the lotion and arranged her gifts in a bronze flower pot with some flamingo hand soap (she loves flamingos!)

And that’s what I got my parents! They aren’t very specific gifts so I feel like they would really work for anyone!

Have you started shopping for the rents yet?

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