Anniversary Post- How We Met

Five years ago I was living in Seattle and flew to Indiana to visit friends and family. My plane landed at like 6 PM and I was exhausted and just ready for bed. The friend I was staying with had to work that evening so I went over to my mom’s house to meet her new boyfriend and his son who was about my age and they somehow convinced us to go out to “get to know each other” even though I was hella tired.

We went to a sports bar because there was some football game or something he said he wanted to watch. We sat at a huge table because he swore his friends were coming to meet up with us. I was two captain and cokes in when he informed me that his friends would not be making it. At that point I quit drinking and was ready to go home.

Then a huge group of (mostly) guys walked in…

They asked if they could share our table because the place was packed so we said sure. My future husband sat down in the seat right next to me but I was far from impressed. I kept thinking “God this dude looks like a douchebag..” and started ordering more drinks. He tried to chat with me and the first thing I said to him was “look, I am not sleeping with you!” and he was like “umm okay… can I still talk to you? You don’t have to sleep with me.” So I continued to talk to him but any time he started getting flirty I reminded him of what I said earlier. After a few hours (and many drinks) the rest of his group was ready to leave but we wanted to stay out so we went to a club called the Verve and continued the party. It was him (John), me, my mom’s bf son and one of John’s friends, Luke, who had been annoyingly hitting on me all night. At the club Luke would not stop trying to talk to me, he even went as far as putting his number in my phone. I glanced at John and saw that he had a sad look on his face then he went to the bathroom so I cut Luke off and followed John. I waited until he got out then grabbed him and said “I don’t like your friend” and kissed him! It was one of the craziest things I’ve ever done! I don’t remember much after that. I feel like shortly after we kissed everyone wanted to go. I made sure to exchange numbers before I left but honestly didn’t think I’d ever see him again. After all, I was only in town for the weekend!

I woke up to 4 texts. 1 from Luke saying “it was great meeting you! Hopefully I’ll see you again sometime!” to which I did not reply. Then I had 3 from John. The first one was pretty much the same as Luke’s. Then an hour later I had two that said he couldn’t stop thinking about me and how great I was. My heart literally skipped a beat. I waited until the afternoon to reply. I almost didn’t reply at all because I though “Oh those were just drunk texts!” But something in me told me to reply.

We spend the next three days together. I spent the night at his house twice but did not sleep with him and he was so respectful about it, which surprised me, especially with our age gap. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention he was 35 and I was 22.

I cried the entire day I left to go back to Seattle. I cried at the airport, on the plane, back at home. I was a mess. He texted me throughout the day. All weekend he told me to just move to Indiana and be his girlfriend and he was still saying that when he was texting me!

To make an even longer story shorter, 3 weeks later Myself, my 3 year old and my 18 month year old hopped on a plane and moved across the country.

We’ve been together ever since.

5 years ago today we met and 2 years ago we got married.

The night we met…

Our wedding day…

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