Soo Ae Peel and Glow 2 Step Mask

I’ve been all about broadening my beauty horizons lately so when I got the Soo Ae Peel and Glow 2 Step Mask in my Christmas stocking I thought it was the perfect time to try something new!

I usually use the Younique line of masks that you apply with and applicator then rinse off but these range about $60. The mask I used today can be found at Walmart and costs about $2.50. Not bad!

When i first got the mask I thought “Ugh… it’s one of those ones you have to stick on your face like a mask…” I’ve tried similar masks and haven’t had the best luck. They’re typically really cold and super uncomfortable. Buuut I decided to give this one a try, after all it was a gift.

So here’s the mask..

And here’s the directions (sorry for how small it is!)

Step one was great. It was like a gentle exfoliator. Applying the actual mask was a little uncomfortable at first but it got better. It didn’t stay cold like other masks and it stayed on really well (no sliding off!)

My face feels really smooth but a little bit oily. Would I try this mask again? Probably not. But it was worth a try! (:

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