Yelawolf Meet and Greet 51/50 Tour

Earlier this week my husband and I were gifted Yelawolf meet and greet tickets! We had already planned on going to the show, we just hadn’t planned on doing the VIP thing so we were pretty excited about this gift!

The VIP meet and greet package includes:

• One (1) GA Ticket with Venue Early Entry

• One (1) Meet & Greet and Photo Opportunity with Yelawolf

• One (1) Limited Edition Yelawolf Tour Poster

• One (1) Commemorative VIP Laminate

• One (1) Exclusive Tour Patch

We arrived at the venue about 20 minutes prior to the VIP entry time and had to wait in a short line. Somehow the line became twice as long once we were in the venue. Before Yelawolf entered the main room we were instructed to have our cameras ready with the flash off and told that each person could get ONE photo with him and that he would sign one item per person. We had a group of six so we had to decide how everyone was going to get their photo taken, either alone or with significant others. Four of us chose to get our photos taken as a pair while two opted for single photos.

We didn’t have a lot of time with Yelawolf but he was very nice and almost shy seeming. I had him sign the poster that came in the package because I didn’t think ahead to bring anything.

Once our turn was over we had about twenty minutes before the doors opened to the public to get drinks, shop the merchandise tables and find seats. A lot of the VIPs chose front row positions but we chose balcony seating because there were actual seats (opposed to standing room only) and tables to put our stuff on.

The openers were okay. Cookup Boss was first. They had one song that I knew. Big Henri was next. Mikey Mike was the final opener and very entertaining. I actually had no idea who he was until a friend was chatting with him in the balcony and he was like “I have to go, I’m about to go on stage!” So that was kind of a cool moment.

Finally it was Yelawolf time! He played a good mix of hits and new stuff. He did a really good job. Sometimes you see people live and it’s not as good as the radio/CD but this was not the case!

Here are a few pics!

Aside from meeting Yelawolf, the early entry was the best part of the VIP experience. Not having to rush around, getting to choose our seats and being able to get drinks before the crowd swarmed in made the whole thing worth it. Plus we didn’t have to stand out in the cold for a long period of time! I definitely recommended the VIP package to anyone attending a show in the future!

To check out concert dates and VIP packages near you just go to the Yelawolf VIP website!

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