Day 8: The Struggle is Real

I’ve made it to day eight of the Whole Body Cleanse and I am definitely riding the struggle bus these last couple days. I miss my black coffee. I feel weak yet energized at the same time.  (Probably from all the black tea I’ve been consuming.) I’m craving everything under the sun. Here are a few things I’m ready to add back to my life…

Not necessarily the donuts from Starbucks, just Starbucks in general..  but every time I crave a lemon loaf I jist have to tell myself “two more days… two more days…”

The hard part is going to be transitioning back into a regular diet without going overboard. I don’t want  to ruin everything I just worked for. The key to any diet is moderation. I can enjoy all of the things above in moderation. There’s a fine line between eating one cookie and six and I usually have a hard time finding it.

I do have to say I feel a LOT better since starting the cleanse and diet. My body just feels better.  I don’t think I’ve lost any weight but that could be because 1. Rome wasn’t built in a day. 2. I started the cleanse on a weekend so I wasn’t in the gym for the first few days. And 3. I got a kidney infection so I can’t work out right now anyway.  So in hindsight I probably should have waited to start the cleanse. I was just too excited and wanted to start ASAP!

I’m going to try to make it to the gym today because it’s my favorite day (shoulders) but I won’t be able to workout at full intensity because the cleanse guide says no heavy lifting plus the kidney infection, either way, I plan on hopping on the scale so we’ll see how that goes!

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