Meal Prepping for the Kids

Hey there! So my husband and I recently started meal prepping again, mainly for convenience sake, and I decided “Why not do it for the kids too?!” Spending one day cooking a week’s worth of food vs. cooking every single day seemed like a no brainer to me.

We have two children, ages five and seven, and they will basically eat anything, however the five year old would live off mac and cheese if we’d let her so I only prep Monday through Friday for them as opposed to the seven days a week I do for myself. Also, they eat breakfast and lunch at school so I just had to prep their dinners. Here are the kids..

When it comes to meal prep there are some supplies involved. First you need containers to put the food in. I chose DOURA meal prep containers because of the fun child-like colors. 

This week I prepared everything on the stovetop but I usually bake everything in the oven or use a couple crockpots. When I bake, these things are my best friend.

Like I mentioned in a previous post the menu this week consists of green beans, rice and either chicken or steak. I’ll also be serving them these handly little carrot packages. 

For “desert” they’ll be having tapioca pudding. I put that in quotations because tapioca pudding is not desert in my eyes. My idea of desert is a giant slice of chocolate cake or something of that nature. 

So here it goes. Day 1 of meal prepping for the kids! Wish me luck!

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